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Servo Stabilizer

Servo Stabilizer

We are renowned in the market for supplying premium quality Servo Stabilizer. The Servo Stabilizer, we provide, is assembled in compliance with the industry standards to ensure authenticity. Our Servo Stabilizer provides constant output voltage to load. Due to constant fluctuation in the voltage the chance of over load conditions, heavy line losses, poor power factor, problem of machinery damage and many more usually occurs. To overcome these problems, we offer highly efficient Servo Stabilizer at the most competitive rates.

We offer Servo Stabilizer of IEC brand in various specifications that suit the input voltage variations of industries, commercial buildings, residential buildings and small businesses. Besides, "IEC" Servo Stabilizer complies IS 9815 - Automatic line voltage corrector and latest amendments.

Applications :
  • Data processing
  • Commercial centers ( shops, show rooms, exhibitions)
  • Internet cafes
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Apartments
  • Lifts, air conditioners, refrigeration equipments
  • Xerox M/C S
  • Mobile marketing vehicles
  • Vending M/CS, like soda, ice cream, etc.

Balance Type Servo Stabilizer   Unbalance Type Servo Stabilizer  
Balance Type Servo Stabilizer Unbalance Type Servo Stabilizer

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